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PVC is the leading Dam Liners supplier in East Africa, a one-stop-shop especially for the HDPE Dam liners polythene sector. We supply a full range of technologically advanced, scientifically proven and environmentally sustainable products. The combination of our technical, consulting and innovative products ensure customers are provided solutions specifically tailored to meet their requirements.

Our products range from HDPE-UV Dam liners, irrigation fittings, greenhouse sheeting, plastics, nets, HDPE Canvas.


Dam liners

Dam Liners|Waterproof Solutions.

In Kenya, dam liners are used in the construction and maintenance of reservoirs, ponds, and other water containment schemes or storages. 

greenhouse polythene

Greenhouse polythene

Greenhouse polythene for greenhouses for increased production and water storage too.

drip irrigation sysyem

Drip Irrigation System

Our irrigation systems are vast and reliable to Kenya farmers as we offer farmers the best and most affordable drip irrigation kits.

greenhouseIncrease your production and save water with our custom-made Greenhouses.

Our sizes and scope range from 8 by 15 meters to 16 by 30 meters with different components and prices.

Shade nets for Horticulture

Shade nets are used in agriculture to protect crops from direct sunlight.

Shade nets are used in agriculture to protect crops from direct sunlight. They help to regulate the temperature and humidity around the crops, which can improve their yield. 

HDPE pipe

Type of flexible plastic pipe used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used to replace ageing concrete or steel mains pipelines. 

Drip Irrigation System
Smart Drip Irrigation
Solar Drying
insect net
Insect net

Drip Irrigation System Kits

Shade Nets

Insect Nets

Bird Nets



If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free to Call Us +254 722607359 or +254 724157314 

In case you’re looking for a fishpond liner, solid Greenhouse and Irrigation system plan but you’re not sure what to do, you are better placed to contact us first because Prime Variable Covers Ltd believes in keeping it as practical as possible.

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