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Over the past 3 decades, Prime Variable Covers has established a strong position in the Aqua, Drought, and Horticultural sector. When farmers choose our products, services and solutions today, they gain nearly 30 years of experience and expertise. We have a strong position in leading sectors such as HDPE-UV Dam Liners for water storage, Greenhouse polythene sheets, Greenhouse installation, Drip Irrigation installation, HDPE Canvas, and a wide range of Horticultural Plastic Nets.

Why Choose Us?

We are a leading company supplying  dam liners in Kenya. We work with all walks of farmers to ensure they achieve their objectives: maximum yields and eventually returns.

Our main areas of expertise are supply of Dam Liners for (dams, Water storage pans, and fish ponds) and Greenhouse Polythene. 

Over the years, we have continued to innovate to run our business at the lowest cost. We know how to easily reach customers who need our products. What’s more, we get great recommendations from most of our old customers, who continue to love our products for decades.

In addition, we know that materials technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, we are constantly searching the world for new and innovative products to add to our product portfolio. This way, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality products loved by other farmers around the world. 

Work with us today and benefit from unparalleled experience and professionalism.

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Our mission is to provide latest, reliable-premium quality Aqua-horticultural products and services to transform farms and lives through technology.


To become the largest “One-stop-shop” Across the country and outside borders for quality Aqua- drought management and horticultural products for both small and large scale entrepreneurs at competitive prices and make Prime Variable Covers a household name among Clients.

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